White Glow

White grow is a treatment which we include collagen and multivitamin injecting around facial area by Mesotherapy technique. Clients can expect better skin condition. Scar area can also be better when continuously treated. After treatment, there will be a small swell which will disappear in 30 minutes.


PRP bloody baby ฉีด หน้าเด็ก พญาไท the cocktail clinic
PRP bloody baby ฉีด หน้าเด็ก พญาไท the cocktail clinic

White Full

This program consists of 41 beneficial vitamins and non closs linked hyaluronic acid. This is similar to filler. The difference is that the result of fullness will last 1-2 months which filler can last up to 1 year. But one of the important objective from White Full is that the bright and healthy skin at the injected area. For example, dark eye circle area that the patient can see the best result in just 24 hours .  This program may be for a client who is new in filler and want to start with something similar ,more mineral, fast result and minimal costs.

White Detox

We use multivitamin and collagen inject 16 spots on your face. This will greatly help for body detoxification. Better facial skin can be felt one day after the treatment. We recommend once a week for 8 continuously weeks for the best result.

Spot Reduce

We use depigmentated medicine injected directly into hyperpigment lesion such as Melasma  and Acne Scar . The patient can see the result not more than 7 days after the procedure . The doctor recommended to do every week continuous at least 4 weeks for the best result. Before start this procedure, we apply numb cream for 40-45 minutes. After the procedure the patient can have some swelling at the injected area. However, it will disappear in 20-30 minutes . In some case, the patient can have dry skin at the area of injection in the third day. Thus, the patient should apply more moisturiser for the better skin rejuvenation. Daily sun screen is also recommended .There are no prohibition after procedure. For hyperpigment lesion , oral anti-melasma medicine is a good combination . Furthermore, the doctor would  recommended to take oral medicine daily continuous at least 1 month for the best result of combination treatment.

PRP bloody baby ฉีด หน้าเด็ก พญาไท the cocktail clinic

Bloody Baby PRP

PRP stand for Plate Rich Plasma. The procedure starts with drawing blood from client and centrifuge to remove Red Blood Cell. This process will  keep plasma layer which have high concentration of Stem cell to inject at facial area. PRP helps rejuvenation facial skin ,improve immunisation , reduce inflammation ,hyperpigmentation. 

credit dr.manavee prommas (dr.kony)

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