1.Light Shot

High concentration multivitamin which we provide 5 formula for individual client requirements.

 1.Refreshing (Red Solution)

  • Improve weekness
  • Refreshing
  • Suitable for sleepless patient

2.Hair and Nail (Pink Solution)

  • Improve hair nutrient
  • Stronger nail
  • Improve nerve function

3.Aura Skin (Yellow Solution)


  • Relieve allergic symptom
  • Induce collagen production
  • Smoother and brighter skin

4.Cell Repair 

  • Cell rejuvenation
  • Help correct large skin pore problem

5.Mela Clear (Translucent Solution) 

  • Reduce melanin pigment production
  • Treat melasma and hyperpigmentation
ฉีดหน้า ผิว วิตามิน ฉีดหน้า the cocktail clinic พญาไท
ฉีดหน้า ผิว วิตามิน ฉีดหน้า the cocktail clinic พญาไท
ฉีดหน้า the cocktail clinic พญาไท

2. The Avengers Infinity

This is to nourishing all aspect contains high concentration multivitamin 125cc helps improve hyperpigmentation and improve skin color .


3.Tripple Shot

Tripple Shot is extra high concentration multivitamin 5 times more than Light Shot. Morover, It contains Collagen which has high potential to help improving skin color. Tripple Shot is suitable for clients who  is suffered from sun damaged or need more whiten skin color.

Before treatment:Good sleep at least 4-5 hours ,drink a lot of water.

After procedure:Drink a lot of water, use skin care as usual.

Duration of procedure depends on which technique the client choose ,dripping bottle up takes around 30-45 minutes ,Slow push takes 15 minutes . Same price in both technique.

ฉีดหน้า the cocktail clinic พญาไท

credit dr.manavee prommas (dr.kony)

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