Vitamin drip

We have 5 recipes.

1. light shot vitamin drip

Light shot recipe contains VitaminC 4000mg, Vitamin B1, B2, B3, B6, B12 for enhancing and smoothing your skin. This is Anti oxidant help with creating collagen, reducing dark spots, smoothing the skin, reducing fatigue and more. This recipe is fairly economical and can be done weekly.  

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2. Triple shot vitamin drip

Triple Shot is extra high concentration multivitamin 5 times more than Light Shot. Moreover, It contains Collagen which has high potential to help improving skin color. Triple Shot is suitable for clients who  is suffered from sun damaged or need more whiten skin color. This recipe is more focusing on brightening the skin. 

3. fat on fire

Main ingredient is L carnitine and Vitamin B. This recipe is focusing on increasing metabolism which helps with fat burning. The price is economical and can be done weekly. 

4. NAD+

 Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide 

This recipe contains Vitamin B3. NAD+ can help activate your brain’s neuron function by helping cells regenerate and protect them against damage. This results in increased mental cognition, including better mental clarity, higher concentration, and enhanced memory function. Moreover, it can help with stamina and detoxification.

5. premium white

This recipe contains Placenta, Whitening 1200mg, Alpha lipoic acid 25mg, Tranexamic acid, Vitamin C 20000mg, Cyanocobalamin 2000mcg, Thiamine 400 mg, Riboflavin 1 mg, Nicotinamind 200 mg, Pyridoxine hcl 102 mg, Amino acid, Multivitamin

It can help with insomnia, increased mental cognition, higher sex drive, improve immune system and reduce risk of heart disease. In term of skin, it can help with whitening, skin rejuvenation, reduce dark spots, 


Before treatment: Have a good sleep at least 6 hours .Drink a lot of water.

After procedure: Drink a lot of water, use skin care as usual.

Duration of procedure you can choose from 2 techniques.  Dripping bottle takes around 30 minutes ,Slow push takes 15 minutes .  

credit dr.manavee prommas (dr.kony)

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