we have 3 types of service

1. Super bright laser

IPL Laser is used for reducing scars which is caused by acnes or sunburn. We focus on top layer of the skin. Therefore, the skin will not be thinner after treatment. This can be done once every two week. The result can be seen from 7 days after treatment. We recommend to do 4 treatments continuously for the best result.

After treatment, we recommend to avoid sun for at least a week. Always applying sun screen is important. Pregnant women is not recommend for this treatment.

เลเซอร์ คลินิก พญาไท

2. spot removal laser

Spot Removal Laser is a kind of Qswitch laser. It will help to reduce dark spot and hyperpigmentation. For example, from acne scar. The Qswitch laser also helps brighten the skin, smaller skin pore and induce collagen production. You can see the better result 7days after procedure.
You can repeat the treatment every 2 weeks continuously for 4-5 sessions . Moreover, you should avoid high UV sunlight for 3days.
The Qswitch laser is not recommended in pregnancy.

3. unclouded hair เลเซอร์ขน

S= facial hair, M=face, armpit, 1 arm, 1 leg

This type of laser is for removing hair. The result can partially permanent. We recommend to do this treatment every 4 weeks for 5-8 times continuously after hair has grown 1mm. You should see the result in 4-5 days. However,  hair sizes can be different in term of thickness and growth rate. The ticker hair may need more treatment. The thinner may need less treatment. This can be vary depending on the individuals. The result should last 3-4 years. 


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