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Hello, my name is Somsom. I would like to share my experience about facial reshaping at the cocktail clinic. My original face shape was slightly oval with dramatically short chin shape. Therefore it would a V-shape face would be my preferences. When I have a photo shooting session, I have never had a full confidence. My face was always an oval shape not the V-shape. I have done so many researches about where to get facial reshaping done. I was recommended by my friends that the Cocktail Clinic does the best job. The doctor is professional and friendly. The quality of medication is top of the range. The price is fair and affordable. Firstly, I add Line@ for direct communication @thecocktailclinic. The staff are certainly active. They gave me an honest advice without inappropriately trying to sell their products and services.  However, I am not ready for a surgery as it would be permanent. Based on Dr.Kony’s recommendation, facial reshaping is a method that be be fixed if I do not like it.

I finally decide to make an appointment with Dr.Kony. I was extremely nervous since it was my first time for this. Dr.Kony was sincerely nice to me. The way she explains make me feel comfortable. Her knowledge is proven success. Moreover, all the staff are friendly. They really make me feel comfortable during the visit. Dr.Kony clearly explained step by step during the treatment. It does not hurt like I though. I actually feels nothing at all. The result is instant for facial reshaping. I can see the differences straightaway. She always ask if I am ok with the result. She is certainly determined to get the result I am after. I am highly satisfied with her explanation and how Dr.Kony treated me. 


After the treatment, Dr.Kony gave me a proper recommendation. Basically, no alcohol, no raw meat and no fermented food for a week. After that, so many people ask me what I have done to my face. The result is overly positive. My face looks like a proper V-shape. I do look a lot skinnier. Moreover, I have a lot more photo shooting work lined up after I got the treatment.  I am proud to tell them that I have done facial reshaping from Dr.Kony the Cocktail Clinic. I do recommend everyone who is looking for the treatment to contact Dr. Kony the Cocktail Clinic. You will not be disappointed.                                                                                                                                                                                         ” Somsom “


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