nose surgery

It can be done for medical reasons — such as to correct breathing issues related to the nose or correct disfigurement resulting from trauma or birth defects. It can also be done for cosmetic reasons, which will change the nose’s shape and appearance.

chin surgery

Chin implants can be used to reshape, enlarge, or push forward the appearance of the chin. This can be accomplished via surgery or injection. Surgical chin augmentation involves implanting a plastic material into the chin and adhering it to the bone.

double eyelid surgery

Double Eyelid Surgery is one of the most popular procedures undertaken in the Cocktail Clinic, which is unsurprising as most Asians have mono-lid eyes and often use make up or eyelid tape to create the illusion of double eyelid.

dermal fat graft

Dermal fat graft has been used successfully in our clinic for reconstruction of minor soft tissue defects of the maxillofacial region. The advantages include the availability of adequate amount of tissue, lack of morbidity and the excellent adaptability of the tissue to the donor site.

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